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  • STOP project meeting June 2023 to be hosted by FORTH(Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas)

    The next meeting of the project ‘Surface Transfer of Pathogens’ will take place ovr two full days on 8th and 9th June 2023, hosted by the project partner FORTH on Crete. We will be discussing the results of antimicrobial assays and physico-chemical characterization of our first new antimicorbial material candidates, and also (very importantly) our […]

  • STOP project starts

    The “Surface Transfer of Pathogens” project formally started on 1st September 2022. Press releases from 5th October describe the project’s plans in English and in German. The project will develop antimicrobial surfaces to reduce the spread of infections, for example through buttons and handholds used in public transport, or door handles in nursing homes. Handholds […]